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annual auction

We are now preparing for the 2015 auction, scheduled for the last week in April. If you have goods or services to donate, please email auction (at) handpapermaking (dot) org
or call (301) 220-2393. Your gifts are tax deductible and much appreciated.

Here's our list so far. More details and photos coming soon!

Books for Book Enthusiasts
Books on Paper Art
Fine Press Book on John DePol
Marbling Tank
The Activated Page Booklet
Collaborative Bookwork on Free Love
Three Yahoo Swatch-Swap Books
Kingsley Mini Foil Stamper
Asao Shimura Miniature Books
Peter/Donna Thomas Miniature Books
Chinese Decorated Paper
Original Buddhist Manuscript
Silver Anniversary Boxed Set of HP25
Public Art Review Subscription + Back Issues
Assorted Paper Publications
Hand Papermaking Back Issues
Siegenthaler Book
1970s American Artist Magazine
Conservation Book
A Day at Dieu Donne with Paul Wong
Papermaking at Hayle Mill
Signed Copy of Japanese Papermaking
1993 Friends of Dard Keepsake
Fine Press Book Made by Kim Merker
Jody Beenk Artist Book
Betty's Book
Snow-retted Banana Fiber
Richard Langdell Paper
Sures/Whitehead Pulp Painted Art
Aunt Sallie's Lament by Van Vliet
Handmade Manual for Teaching Kids
Large Bark Cloth
Tropos 1988 Book by Kevin Osborn
Amy Richard Pulp Painting
Su and Sha
Antique Sugeta
Vietnamese Paper Mould
Bird & Bull Papermaking Book
Kamisuki Chohoki Guide to Papermaking
Shifu Art by Carolina Larrea
Doug Beube Artist Book

When the gavel fell at the end of last year's auction, nearly $9500 was raised! Special thanks again to the volunteers and staff who helped make it our best auction yet. And our heartfelt appreciation goes out to the generous friends who donated goods and services, and to everyone who took part in the spirited bidding.


Supported by generous donations from our friends, Hand Papermaking's annual auction provides the organization with an important source of revenue while generating enthusiasm and appreciation for the work of individual artists, for papermaking community supporters, and for the field in general.

Each year, bidders compete for donated items such as unique papers, distinctive artwork, valuable services, rare books, useful products, historic artifacts, etc. Most of the offerings are unavailable elsewhere and related in some way to hand papermaking.